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luxury prestige home builder melbourneWhen considering custom home builders Melbourne you need to ensure that you are dealing with a company that has a track record of success over many years, and thus has the experience and abilities that you need. Avenue Building Group has been creating custom luxury homes Melbourne for over twenty years and is a full service building company that can provide everything that you need.

Unless you are extremely wealthy and money is no object, it is critical that your new home is constructed within your budget, and with no nasty surprises some way down the line. This means that extreme care must be taken over the design and planning stages in order to make certain that every possible item has been taken into consideration. Our architects will sit down with you and listen to your ideas, and make sure that they perfectly understand what you require.

We Consider Our Clients As Partners

At Avenue Building Group we like to consider our clients as partners. We make our reasonable profit, while you finish up with the home of your dreams. What could be better? We become friends from the outset, engaged in a joint pursuit for our mutual benefit. While you may wish to look at our gallery of homes that we have constructed in and around Melbourne over many years, and indeed you may be attracted to some of them, you will obviously have many ideas of your own that you will want to incorporate. Our job is to ensure that all of your wishes are delivered at the end of the project: we do not have the word “impossible” in our vocabulary. However, we wholeheartedly embrace the word “stunning.”luxury kitchens melbourne

You may already have your site in mind, in which case we can carry out an initial survey and advise you on things such as soil conditions, access, and you can decide if you wish to leave or remove trees, and so on, so that everything necessary can be included in the proposal, and you will have a firm idea of the cost. Of course, you may wish to stay where you presently live, and we can advise on the demolition of the old building, which we can undertake for you, and which will be included in the overall cost.

There are some distinct advantages to staying in the same area. Your children can continue to go to the same schools. You can visit the local shops that you have become accustomed to over several years – perhaps your lifetime if you have inherited a home from your parents. You can continue to take part in local activities which you enjoy.

A Change Of Lifestyle

Moving away to somewhere different – even if only ten or twenty miles – will mean a complete change of lifestyle. However, that may well be what you seek: a new life, in new surroundings, in the home of your dreams, which could be impossible to achieve in your present locality. The beauty of using us as your luxury house builders, Melbourne, is that we can create your ideal home wherever you wish to live in or around the city.

Modern-House-Design-InspirationThere are also financial benefits in taking advantage of our new home builders, Melbourne, construction services. When you have a brand new home, designed completely from scratch, to your own requirements, you will live in a house that is unique. Nobody else in Australia will have a home that is the same – or even similar to yours – because it was built as YOU designed it. Your house will carry your own personal stamp, and will not be like so many others on an estate where homes have been constructed according to the whim of the building company.

There may come a point at some time in the future when you wish to move on again. The kids may have left home to go their own separate ways, and you no longer need so much space, so you might choose to downsize. When it comes to selling a home that is unique, you can more or less ask your own price. It will stand out from all of the other homes in the neighbourhood, and as such will command attention. Over a period of a few years, you can make a very handsome profit on your initial investment, while living in complete luxury in the meantime.

Difficult Sites Are No Problem For Avenue Building Group

Avenue Building Group can undertake construction on difficult sites such as those sloping uphill, downhill, or across, for example. Split-level homes can be designed so that they fit naturally into the block, rather than using a “standard” design and trying to force it into the site, along with the associated expense of earthworks and retaining walls. Your home needs to maximise the views, while at the same time offering protection as far as possible from prevailing winds, and taking advantage of the sun, and home energy efficiency. Indeed, a sloping site is often chosen because of the views, and our design expertise enables your home to take full advantage of them.

luxury home builder melbourneWorking on a sloping site can present a number of challenges such as groundwater issues or unstable soil conditions, but at Avenue Building Group we can overcome any of these problems. In addition, there are local council requirements to be met, along with the protection of vegetation and trees, and of course, the rights of neighbours. We don’t regard such so-called “problems” as challenges, but rather as opportunities to make the very best of your site, giving you a once in a lifetime chance to live the way that you want to, rather than the way to which you may have been accustomed.

No matter what your reasons for choosing Avenue Building Group as your custom home builders, Melbourne, you can live a life that is entirely your own, and in a home that is very different from the run-of-the-mill houses that so many people choose to accept. It simply doesn’t have to be that way.

Call us on 0411 – 708256, email on [email protected], or just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. We will be delighted to listen to your ideas, and there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Having said that, we will be delighted to enter into a partnership with you and to become your friends.


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