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Dual occupancy is a type of home development that consists of two residences in the same plot of land either attached or free standing. Land prices in Melbourne are steadily rising. Many investors are seeking to explore ways to maximize the revenue of their land. Avenue Building Group is your partner every step of the way in helping you put up a dual complex home.

dual_occupancy_lagoon_st_03This complex offers you an opportunity to make use of space so that you can unlock the equity potential of your land. It can also be a chance for you to revamp and renovate your current home and create a second dwelling that you can lease. Either way it is a great way to maximize on space and get the full value of your plot of land. Besides dual residence is a simple of class and sophistication.

Dual Occupancy Market In Melbourne Growing

The market for dual occupancy builders in Melbourne is growing steadily as laws have been relaxed. However, not all of them are keen to your needs, offering you best quality service at affordable prices. Avenue Building Group has built itself an outstanding reputation in the industry as a quality builder. Our dual occupancy home designs are first rate, super-modern and long lasting.

Over the years, Avenue Building Group has been constructing affordable good quality homes that stand the test of time. We help you in finding the perfect land to put up your dual complex according to your needs. We have preplanned house designs but customers can also make changes in consultation with the design team.

We stand on a strong foundation of quality resource and materials, great team of workers and good customer care. Specializing in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, we not only offer new construction services to clients but also renovations of old constructions. We have a unique combination of quality and efficiency in designing and constructing, property maintenance and renovation.

We Share Your Investment Vision

Avenue Building Group realizes the value of team building with clients and you will never feel left out. They will take in your design and study your needs and requirements. We will help you in scouting for good affordable land to develop, in a good neighbourhood with enough power supply and proper sewerage. We do a good work in collaborating with the zoning and city authorities to secure proper permits and certifications. Avenue building group has a proper working relationship with the local authorities and therefore the permit acquisition is just in a matter of days. We go about this considering all council planning regulations and Local Environment Plan. This is significant in letting you know the size of land you need for a dual occupancy home and eliminates possible legal tassels after construction that are notorious recently. We will then take in your finance pre-approval and conduct a feasibility study of the project. This helps you to make necessary adjustments to your financing to sustain the project from start to finish so that construction does not halt along the way. We will give you an estimate of the total costs of the project from planning, to designing and construction before groundbreaking begins.dual occupancy lagoon st melbourne

We Manage The Whole Project For You

The advantage of working with us early in your design and planning process is that we deliver our services at the most cost effective price and in the timeliest way. We are at the center in coordinating all players and resources needed to transform your piece of land into a duplex complex. We provide ready designs, customisable designs, labour and materials. We have a network of suppliers that we correspond with to meet our material needs in putting up your dual occupancy project. We meet all the set deadlines through proper supervision of our employees. We fully adhere to all legal requirements. We will offer consultation and advice to you on your construction projects. We have a record of good relationships with stakeholders; clients, suppliers and very optimistic about meeting your home needs. Expect a smooth build up phase with no fireworks that commonly stall building operations.

You become a partner all the way customizing every creation to your needs. We have a variety of designs and finishing colour schemes developed by a dedicated expert team of interior designers’ .The designs are flexible with room for customization according to the customers’ needs and desires. We have a consulting team that works with you in exterior design and planning, this you will find a rare gem in helping you meet industry standards with your own design ideas. Your dual occupancy will subsequently have a higher resale value or higher leasing rates. From home seekers to property developers we are indiscriminately adept in delivering the best quality construction.

dual_occupancy_lagoon_st_01We support our client’s needs and ensure the construction process meets all financial forecasts that we give before work begins. We follow the agreed on budget as closely as possible. In so doing, we are able to source for supplies, hire workers and finish the construction in a timely and affordable manner. However, we are aware that changes occur along the way that is why at Avenue Building Group we pride ourselves on good communication. We will update you on any new decisions and adjustments that we make in the construction process, we will also take care of any emergency.

Avenue Building Group – Dual Occupancy Professionalism

Professionalism is key at Avenue Building Group. Despite the challenges of construction, we keep the job running and complete on schedule factoring in all your requirements. We manage your design process using our expertise and industry experience. We ensure all the people we hire have an insurance cover to eliminate possible risks during the construction process. We are aware of building technologies and use the best in meeting your home needs, and abiding to construction laws and standards. We listen and take authority with our wealth of resources so that you will not have to bear all stress in putting up your custom dual occupancy. We have a right system of management that comes in handy in streamlining the construction process and they oversee the whole process to ensure that all tradesmen deliver quality work as per your agreements.


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